Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ten Simple Things We Can Do To Change the World Today
1. 1. Donate $25 to Kiva.org to help women and families in third world nations support their families.
2. 2, Grow a garden for your own family.
3. 3. Donate your surplus from your garden to http://ampleharvest.org/ other’s may have fresh produce and your surplus zucchini won’t go to waste.
4. 4. Tell your children and family each opportunity that you love them and something positive about them. Focus on the positive and not on how they can improve/are disappointing you.
5. 5. Look behind you. When going through doors at stores, look behind you and see if there is someone you can keep the door open for.
6. 6. Call someone up and tell them you were thinking about them.
7. 7. Let go of an old grievance. Forgive a past mistake. Stop ruminating an old hurt. Look to the future. Live for today. Forgive yourself.
8. 8. Walk a mile instead of driving your car.
9. 9. Donate your surplus clothing and household items to your local non-profit.
10.10. If you see an injustice, don’t remain silent. Speak up.

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