Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Have No Voice

I Have No Voice
I Speak
I am not heard
I whisper softly
I am not listened to
I speak Louder
Nobody hears a word I say
I YELL, I hope louder will help
He turns his back and walks away
I am not listened to.
I express an opinion
He tells me how my opinion is wrong
I back up my opinion with logic
He degrades me with sarcasm
I back my opinion up with facts
He belittles me by being passive-aggressive
I tell him how we can integrate our two opinions
He can only see his opinion is right and mine is wrong
I have no opinion.
I say words
My words are not listened to
I give opinions
My opinions are thrown aside
I have tried in every way possible
To be heard
To whisper
To yell
To talk
To listen first
To express with deep feeling
I am left with NOTHING
I am nothing.

What does it feel like to be in a marriage where you are not allowed to work, to speak you mind, to be an equal? This is what it feels like. Thank god I am out.

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