Thursday, December 4, 2014

Not all that wander are lost...

Not all that wonder are lost...Here are some YouTube videos that have helped me along my wanderings:

I left the Mormon church, not because I had discovered the Mormon church had lied to me about its history (the main reason most current members are leaving) but because I could not trust priesthood authority over my own thoughts, feelings, intuition, or spirituality.  Too many times the priesthood authority said was right contradicted my own moral compass and in the end, I chose to follow my own moral compass.  When I first left, I thought I would one day return, however, after watching this video, I knew I could never return:

This one asks how could it be possible to carry the gold plates when they would have weighed about 200 pounds:

I knew about the DNA and the Book of Mormon, so it was a pleasant surprise to find information about it on YouTube:

Hitchens is great and so are his videos about the origins of the beginning of the Mormon church:

I think it is natural that once a person questions their own dogma, to also question all dogma:

I can't get this one to embed, but it's still worth the watch:     What if?

I have tried on many occasions to try and talk to my Mormon family about my wanderings and about my research but they feel personally attacked and get defensive. Why do they take my criticism of their religion as a personal attack on them? Because of this:

So, this is a long video but well worth it. In fact, all the Ex-Mormon conference videos are well worth the time:

One of the things Mormons have misunderstood the most about their own church is the misappropriations of funds. Billions of funds spent on City Creek mall, for example:

For laughs, some of my favorite channels:
1. Mormon Ambassador:

2. Flackerman:
3. Mr. Deity:

4. Newnamenoah: