Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bridges and Walls

When I was a child

I lived in a meadow

I built bridges to others

Who also lived in meadows.

We lived so open and free

The meadows were very beautiful

The sky above was endless

The flowers bloomed all year

We crossed unimpaired to each other’s meadows

Over the bridges that connected us

To each others’ meadows

Sharing in each other’s fun

Sharing in each other’s pain

We rolled together in the flowers

Watching the clouds go by

Never counting the hours

Never thinking of tomorrow

Then against our wishes

We grew into adulthood

We took on adult responsibilities

We worked to build our lives

But instead of building


We build castle walls instead

These are lovely castle walls

With tall walls made of brick

Furnished with the best of things

We build motes round about

And some built a bridge over the mote

With a draw bridge

Which we pull up at night

To make us feel safe and snug.

Our neighbors—but not too close

Also build a fence, because

Fences make good neighbors,

You know

We prune the hedges

To give the appearance of pleasantness

Gone are the days of Bridges

And meadows crossed freely

And open hearts and open minds

Shared freely

Replaced by closed walls

And closed hearts and

Suspicious minds expecting

Pain and ulterior motives

Oh! To be that child again!

Loving, feeling, and openly being!

Trusting and being trusted just for being me

Open meadows and building bridges

Leading to open hearts and fulfilled lives.

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