Monday, January 17, 2011

Speaking out

Why? Why does talking about things in the past matter so much to me? Why can't I just say live and let live and stop writing my blog?

*The morg harmed me in ways I haven't even begun to mention.  I know there are many, many, more out there, stuck, like I was stuck; feeling as if there is no way out of the morg for them.  I write to let them know, there is not only a way out, but happiness and peace are waiting on the other side.

*The morg played a role in the destruction of my marriage. How is this possible? When the husband's abuse was brought to their attention, they did nothing to stop the abuse.  They enabled the abuse by telling me to stay in the abusive marriage while not telling him he must stop.  The morg teaches men to be dominant and women to be submissive in marriages. Although not all mormon men take this to the extreme that the husband did, it enables those who have a penchant for abuse to flourish.

*I was lied to by the morg.  They lied about their true history, they lied about being the only true church of god, they lied about revelations/changing revelations, they lied about the temple ceremony coming from god.  This was not only on a grand scale, but on a smaller scale; I was told by bishops and stake presidents that they give church callings by the inspiration of the holy ghost.  I find out that they make callings based on need, desperation, popularity.  I want these lies exposed.

*Many people would say we owe our ancestors (who made great sacrifices to bring the mormon church to Utah) the dedication to stay in.  I say we owe our descendants the gift of truth, of freedom to choose a religion for themselves and not one imposed upon them by birth.

*It is still holding my family hostage. How? It requires 10% of their income to make it into their heaven.  It says families can be together forever--IF they are mormon, pay tithing, attend all their church meetings, do extra church callings, sacrifice family time to spend time at the church, they support their church leaders with complete devotion, are married (no singles, sorry), have many children, etc, etc.

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