Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Exodus

I am looked upon as an apostate.  An apostate is one who leaves the mormon church.  It isn't enough for me to say I just don't believe, which is the truth. I have to be labeled.  Why? Because the information that I carry is a threat to those who stay.

I was raised from birth to believe.  I went to mormon colleges.  I served a mission, I gave up 18 months of my life, preaching a gospel that I believed in.  I married in the mormon temple.  I was raising my children to live the same life I lived.  To turn and walk away from all of that threatens those who stay. If I can turn my back on all that I once believed, can they, too?

Although I have addressed many of my reasons for leaving, one of the doctrinal reasons, I have not addressed.  The very last lesson I taught in the gospel doctrine class was on this very subject.  I was called on the carpet for it in class by a former bishop.  I was called into the bishop's office and told that I could not teach this anymore.  Although I had come to accept many contradictory doctrines, I could not accept the  mormon's belief against scientific evidence against the book of mormon people being descended from the Jews/Hebrews.  The DNA evidence was overwhelming. For years I tried to justify it. I could not anymore. Here is one man's journey out based on this same evidence:

Cognitive Dissonance.  It was time for me to join the exodus.

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