Friday, January 21, 2011

Being Offended

A talk by Bednar states that people leave the mormon church because they are offended.  I didn't leave because I was offended.  I left because I stopped believing in their shit.

After leaving, however I have decided to be offended.  I am offended that they expressed racist attitudes and beliefs and discriminated against blacks and even during the civil rights movement, refused to extend the priesthood blessings and temple blessings to blacks. are Inferior

I have decided to be offended that the mormon church continues to maintain women as inferior to men:

I have decided to be offended that the mormon church continues its history of discrimination by discriminating against gays:

I have decided to be offended that they lied to me about the true history of the mormon church and instead fed me and others a revisionist history: C. Kimball, second councilor to Brigham Young, on how monogamy can make a man wither and dry up:,.htm#"Brigham Young, on his whisky distillery an 1873 account, published in Frasers Magazine, Joseph was

I have decided to be offended about your secrecy on how you spend the tithing money that is donated, how much money is donated, and how the money is eventually moved to the corporate side of the church and that they encourage its members to pay tithing before they buy food or pay bills:

Mr. Bednar of the leadership of the church is asking its members to reach out to those of us who are emotionally immature and choose to be offended.  I choose to be offended by its practices, Mr. Bednar, not because I am emotionally immature.

I choose to stay away from an organization that practices deception and discrimination.  Asking its members to ask me back will not help me back as I choose to not live a life of discrimination and deception.

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