Sunday, August 15, 2010


Every Mormon knows this story, it is drilled into our heads in Sunday School from our youth:

      A teenager is disrupting his church Sunday school class. The teacher tells him to leave and never come back. The boy does leave and never comes back. He goes on to get married, have 5 children, 15 grandchildren and so on. The moral of the story is that because of the actions of this one Sunday school teacher, generations are condemned to hell, since the only way to heaven is through the Mormon church. 

As I contemplated leaving the church, according to what I had been taught, the weight of my actions weighed very heavy on me because I knew that not only my salvation was in jeopardy, but also future generations since salvation comes only through the Mormon church and not through any other church. Salvation, according to Mormonism, does not come through Christ, per se, but through the Mormon church.

 When I was contemplating leaving the Mormon church, I knew in the eyes of the church, I was being held accountable for my children’s salvation since they were also on their way out (not due to my influence on them, but because they hated the social structure of the church. Their story is their own, however, and not for me to tell). 

The mental games the church plays with the members to keep them in line are tremendous; from an early age, they use fear to keep the membership in line. If I were born a Baptist and chose to become a Methodist, the change would have been a simple one. I would not have been taught my eternal salvation was in jeopardy to make the change. The church does not recognize salvation from any other Christian church.

Salvation is free, unless you are born a Mormon, then it comes at a tremendous cost.

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