Friday, August 20, 2010

Not Good for Women

When I left the Mormon church several years ago, I didn't give much explanation to my family and friends. I still do not  desire to have my life be open for debate for others, but I am willing to help others in the Mormon church and out of the church understand why I left.

One of the things I said is that the church is not a good place for women.  One thing I have not told many people is that I was raped as a teenager. I was raped by an active LDS teenage boy. I reported this to my bishop. As was standard practice 25 years ago, my bishop held me responsible for the actions of the young man. I was dis fellowshipped.

I only realize now, many years later and talking with other rape victims, that it was not my fault, I did not do anything wrong, I did resist and tell him to stop, and that was all that was required of me at the time. The Mormon church taught at the time that I was supposed to give up my life rather than allow the rape to continue and because I continue to live, I am partly responsible for his actions.

The Mormon church is Not Good for Women.

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