Friday, August 13, 2010

High Moral Ground

This is what I learned from my exit out of Mormonism. I wish I had said it myself but it is a quote from someone else:

1) The concept of the "One True Church" is extremely damaging from a psychological perspective.  A person who does everything exactly according to what the "One true church" teaches then has the capacity to take the "high moral ground."  In owning the high moral ground, it is impossible to come to a workable compromise because there is no acceptable compromise in that person's eyes.

2) Judgment and condemnation help no one.  It creates strife, stress, anxiety, fear, and depression.  Acceptance and love help people far more because most people try to become more like the people they admire. (excluding sociopaths.) --Max

As I have attempted to make certain situations win-win's, then failed at that; then attempted to make those situations compromises, then failed at that; this is the lesson that I have learned. That there are some people who think they are so morally superior to others that they will not listen to others, they will not compromise to others, they truly think they are above learning from others and compromising with others.

What they fail to learn is that their High Moral Ground that they stand on is a very lonely place and they are not even sharing their lonely position with god.

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