Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Menace to Society

I'm sitting at a coffee shop at the Treefort music festival with my family and a friend, listening to emerging musical artists.  The music is grand. I marvel at the talent these artists have, at how many hours they have practiced, and how much support they have received from their parents and family and friends. I know a lot of money has been spent on equipment and lessons. They have come from all over, from San Francisco and Arkansas and Portland.

I watch the crowd of people listen to the music and wonder at how times have changed since I was in my 20's.  We didn't have disposable time to spend at such venues, for one thing. I'm glad at the change. It's a wonderful thing to enjoy the arts and appreciate the great music. How great to fill your life with joy and splendor and not always work and drudgery.

I watch these young men as they are enmeshed in the music. They feel the rhythm.  They move to the beat. They have changed since the youth I grew up with. There isn't this stiffness about them. They aren't afraid to express the emotion they feel when the music moves them. In my youth, the men would stand there, stoic and cool acting, as though the music had no effect on them whatsoever.  The change in this generation is good and I hope it only gets better.

There a meme going around facebook that says something to the effect that there's an entire generation growing up that wasn't spanked and they worry about this generation becoming the world's leaders. I worry about today's leaders that have learned that fear is the ultimate power and they lead by instilling in fear. I do not fear a generation that has learned love.

George Q. Cannon made the statement that a lot of unmarried 25 year old men are a menace to society. I see no menace here. Only appreciation and fun and happiness.

Young men who are able to express their emotions can only be a good thing...may it continue and make our society a safer and more peaceable place.

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