Friday, September 3, 2010

The Secret and Other Silliness

In the book, 'The Secret' a person is told that they are in charge of everything that happens to them simply by controlling their thoughts. If you think it, you will achieve it. What if something awful happens to you that you didn't wish to happen to you? According to the author, James A. Ray, you secretly wished it and brought it on yourself.

If you are raped, your thoughts made it happen. You live in a war-torn country, it is your fault your house got bombed and your child was permanently injured. I do not believe this; I cannot. As someone who has had terrible things happen to me, I know that at no time did I wish these things to happen to me.  Another weakness to this hypothesis is this: what happens when two people have opposing desires and equally strong thoughts to bring about their will?

Example 1:  The ex husband wants to take my car away. He is very determined to do this. He files a lawsuit, hires an expensive attorney, spends lots of money. the ex wife is as equally determined that he is not going to illegally take her car away. She also hires a lawyer- a good one. She fights him in court. Only one person can win.  She wins out. Was it because she had more brain power and more mental power or because she had the law on her side and a better attorney?

Example 2:  The Democrats want to win, the Republicans have the same determination. Only one can win.  It often isn't a matter of mental energy exerted, but on money, power and other factors that determine the outcome.

Example 3: James A. Ray has been indicted for the death of 3 people in a sweat lodge where other people where injured.  James in now facing his own music (did he bring this on by his own thoughts?). Although he hasn't been convicted; the question has to be asked, 'did he want those people to die? Did he want those people to be injured?  I am going to suppose no; no he didn't.  I am going to suppose bad decisions were made and that it wasn't the result of anyone's wishes or thoughts.

 Sometimes, shit happens, whether we wish it to or not; despite our best intentions or thoughts. A lesson we should all learn. We do not have control over our entire lives. It is silliness to think otherwise.

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