Sunday, September 26, 2010

Great and Spacious Building

Evil in the Mormon church is defined by a great and spacious building. The corporation of the LDS church is building a mall in downtown SLC which is costing them $3 billion, yes, $3 billion.  There is a photo of it on the flicker page.

They say that no tithing money is being spent to build it. What they do not say is that all money in the corporation at one time began as tithing money and was diverted into the corporation. Why is any money being spent on investments  and malls and hotels in Hawaii instead of feeding the poor, building wells in Africa and helping people who are victims of earthquakes?

Honesty is not the priority of the LDS church, just as charity is not the priority of the LDS church. Building great and spacious buildings is.  They have spent $1 billion on humanitarian efforts over the past 25 years and $3billion just on this mall in the last 8 years.

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