Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lawsuits and Truth

For the past 6 months I was being sued by the ex over $7,000 of back child support that he did not willingly pay. His wages were being garnished by Health and Welfare for non payment. He was 3 years delinquent. He was suing me, I was not suing him. He was trying to get out of paying this child support.

The same week that the ex filed the lawsuit to get out of paying this delinquent child support, the Mormon church allowed him permission to be sealed in its temple to his new wife. There are 9 questions of worthiness that are asked by a bishop and a stake president before a person is granted permission to enter a temple. One of them is; are you honest in all you dealings with your fellow man. Another one is; are you current on your child support. Another is, are you paying 10% of your income to the Mormon church.   In my opinion, I cannot understand how the ex could possibly pass a worthiness test, yet he was allowed to enter and have the sealing take place.

I beg to answer the question: WHY? The only answer I can come up with is that all the Mormon church cares about is money.  As long as they are getting their 10%, that is all that matters.  I had written a letter to the bishop and stake president informing them of his delinquency when the ex threatened the lawsuit. I wrote the letter, not to get him in trouble, but to try to circumvent the lawsuit.  Going to court costs lots of money. It cost both of us more money to fight over the child support more than the $7,000 he owed me. It was a total waste of money.  I asked his bishop to help him get over his feelings of anger, to move on with his life. None of my efforts worked.

Where did this lawsuit get him? Exactly where I told him and the bishop it would get them. I told them they would lose. They lost. He has to pay; the divorce decree states so, the judge is of course going to uphold the divorce decree.  It cost him money, money that he could have used for other purposes. It cost him time, time he could have used for other purposes.

Why does the Mormon clergy allow its own rules to be broken by men who pay tithing? Yet they claim special inspiration and direction from God. Would God really allow his children to be treated in such a manner? Would God allow his children to go without child support? Would God allow a man to receive blessings from him while that man made the mother of his children fight him in court over money that the courts have already determined is rightfully due them to support his children?

People in the Mormon church justify poor decisions by their clergy all the time by saying, "the church is perfect, the people are not". I cannot believe this any more because if the church were perfect, then the leaders would follow its own rules that are already in place to protect its children. No, Mormon church, you are not perfect. You do not follow God, you are not inspired by God.  My own story proves that.

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