Thursday, January 31, 2013


After the horrid end of the last relationship, I had a knee jerk reaction and signed up for a dating service. It didn't take me long to cancel it, because I didn't want to date, I couldn't date, it was even traumatizing to go through the experience, but the most interesting thing about it was looking at the men's profiles.

The dating site had people answer questions. One of the questions was, 'How honest are you?
 a. Always honest
 b. Mostly honest
 c. Sometimes honest
 d. Rarely honest.

I answered mostly honest because that was the honest answer, as no one is always honest (I don't tell my friends they look fat, I don't tell someone they have bad breath, etc. I don't want to unnecessarily hurt someone's feelings). These are small things, however, not the big, important things.

What I found so intriguing is that 100% of the men that looked at my profile answered they are always honest. Their answer showed they are dishonest.  How about with holding information? That is also dishonest.  There are lies of omission and commission.

I have a girlfriend whose husband used her silverware to pick up the dog poop...when she was upset and insisted he buy her a new set, he just said he wouldn't tell her next time. He wonders why she is upset with him twice.

I'm okay with not being told a certain outfit is unflattering.  I'm not okay with with big lies that hurt.
With all the shit I have been through, I don't need one more lie in my life.

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