Monday, December 20, 2010


I had a conversation with a man not too long ago where he claimed that women and men had sex for very different reasons.  He said that women have sex because they are in love.  I didn't disagree with him because that is certainly one reason women have sex.  Today, someone posted the following link on my facebook and an interesting discussion followed.  I won't post the discussion here, to protect people's privacy, but I am posting the link to the book.

 Women do have sex for many more reasons other than because they are in love, though that can be one of the reasons. I hope you find the book as fascinating as I did.

In my efforts to understand men, I have been on a search.  I have checked out a book from the library. I will blog about it when I am done reading it.  I have read the following articles on the net and am linking you to them.  The one I find the most fascinating is the one on why men cheat.  I absolutely believe it.  I also believe it is the same reason some single men cannot commit to one woman.

This next article explains how men express themselves emotionally:

In this last article, the author asked men what they wished women knew about men.  Men are candid about the fact that they do have emotions, they have just been conditioned to not express them, and after years of this conditioning, they are inept. It also goes on to say they do not want to spend endless time discussing emotions. Men want sex because it feels good. Men don't get our little hints, they want us to just come out and say what is on our minds. Also, they don't like being criticized in public and like feeling in charge or being king:

There you have it, take it for what the articles say, leave a comment if you wish, I will post it if it is productive, thanks.

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