Saturday, February 25, 2012

Help the Living

There has been a lot written lately about the morg's baptisms for the dead. I do not like the practice.
I disagree with the requirement for baptism as a requirement to be saved for the living, why do the dead have to be baptized?

Here is a link to a PDF that summerizes the history of how the Mormon church is linked to a group called the Campbellites:

In this, it is detailed why baptism is not necessary for salvation. If baptism is not necessary for the living, it is not necessary for the dead.  Here is direct quotes for the above link:

The Reasons Why Baptism Is Not Essential for Salvation

2. Jesus never baptized anyone. If baptism is essential for salvation, then Jesus
never saved anyone.
3. Paul did not view baptism as part of the Gospel (1 Cor: 1:14-17).
4  John’s baptism did not save anyone, even though it was “unto remission of
    sins” (Mk.1:4; cf. Acts 19:1-5).
5. Since there is only one God, there is only one way of salvation (Rom 3:28-30).
    This means that whatever is necessary for salvation today was also necessary
    during O.T. times.
6. The Gospel of justification by faith alone apart from obedience to God’s
    commands is taught in both O.T. and the N.T. (Rom 1:1-2).
     Abraham: before the Law (Rom 1:1-2).
     David: after the Law (Rom. 4:6-8)
     Habakkuk: in the Prophets (Rom. 1:17)
7. Baptism is the N.T. parallel of circumcision, just as the Lord’s Supper is the
    parallel of the Passover (Col. 2:11-12). Since circumcision was not essential for
    salvation, then neither is baptism.
8. Abraham was saved before he was circumcised in order to emphasize that
    salvation  was by faith alone apart from obedience to God’s commands, and
   that the Gentiles would be saved by faith alone apart from obedience to any
   command such as baptism (Rom. 4:9-11, 16, 23-5:2).
9. Cornelius was saved and baptized by the Holy Spirit before he was baptized
    (Acts 10:44-48). This passage clearly refutes baptismal regeneration.
10. Baptismal regeneration:
a) makes salvation depend on the availability of water
b) makes salvation depend on the availability of a Campbellite preacher
c) confuses the symbol with the reality
d) makes faith and obedience the same thing
e) is based on a superstitious and magical view of baptism.

11. The thief on the cross was saved without baptism. The Campbellite argument
that he was saved under the O.T. way of salvation is not possible, seeing that
Christ had already died on the cross and finished the atonement before the thief
died. The thief belongs on the N.T. side of the cross, and not on the O.T. side.

What if the mormon church used the millions and millions of dollars it spends to build and run its temples on helping people who are alive, to build water wells in Africa, to build housing in Haiti, to feel the poor?


Denise said...

That would be the day. I'm sure I won't live long enough to see it if that day ever comes. Pure selfishness.

Anon said...

The Mormon church requires 10% tithing to enter the temples. It requires its members to enter the temple to receive salvation under its doctrine. Therefore, to ask them to change the temple way of doing things, would be asking them to take less in donations. It will not change in our lifetimes. Pure selfishness is dead on.