Monday, November 1, 2010


There were two Mormon church buildings that were the victims of arson recently. The man arrested for the arson, it is reported, is a BYU student recently excommunicated from the Mormon church.  Since I know nothing about his story, I cannot speak to what happened that may have led to his possible/alleged desperation to commit such a terrible act of revenge (if convicted).

What I can talk about are the many, many stories where people are treated harshly by leaders of the Mormon church.  The Mormon church says it is a church of love.  The Mormon church excommunicates members who have committed fornication. The Mormon church excommunicates its members and then claims it is out of love. The Mormon church shuns its Members who have a crisis of faith. The Mormon church shuns Mormon women who are divorced.  The Mormon church shuns youth who are different, do not fit in, do not fit their mold or idea of what is acceptable.  I have seen this time and time again.  I have experienced this personally.  My children have experienced this.  My friends have experienced this.

In other Christian churches, if people are experiencing a crisis of faith, they are embraced, counseled, supported.  In other Christian churches, if they are struggling with a sin, they are embraced, counseled, supported.  In other Christian churches, if someone is an odd person out, they don't fit a particular mold, they are embraced, accepted and supported.

Harsh vs. Love

It leads people away.

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