Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Modesty and CPR

Because modesty is more important than life, right?

As I was taking my CPR and first aid class, a woman, who happened to be Mormon,  became overly concerned about the modesty of a person who is unconscious and dying. You see, when CPR and an EAD is administered , it is necessary to take all clothing off the chest area. This Mormon lady wanted to leave the bra on an unconscious woman to cover her breasts so she wouldn't be exposed as her life is being saved.

Evidently, god cares more about a woman exposing her breasts than her life being saved.

The CPR teacher tried to explain the necessity of removing the bra when using the EAD, as the EAD will leave burns if any metal is touching the skin when electrical shocks are applied. Maybe Mormon women would rather have burns on their breasts rather than have their breast exposed during life saving procedures.

First responders may not be able to do their job if they are exposed to breasts while saving a life.

With an EAD, for every 10 minutes that is lost in not using an EAD,  there is  a 10% less chance of saving the victims life. I get the impression from this Mormon lady that it is more important to maintain modesty than increase the chances of saving a life.

Remember, ladies, wear a medic alert bracelet that tells the first responders that you are allergic to immodesty.

As I listened to this woman argue about protecting a woman's modesty, I am once again reminded how silly this argument is in our society to cover women up. In hospitals, ERs, emergency room, as well as in art classes, the human body is considered form and function that is studied and uncovered on a regular basis.

In religion, however, the human form is to be shamed and feared.

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