Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Chaos and Order

I'm not a scientist, but I love learning about our world, the stars, universes. I am a social scientist, and I have often applied the laws of physics to the realm of the social sciences. The one area I have done this a lot in the past is the second law of thermodynamics or the law of entropy.

The second law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of an isolated system never decreases, because isolated systems spontaneously evolve toward thermodynamic equilibrium—the state of maximum entropy.    Entropy

I have used this to help understand that housework, unless acted upon, will result in chaos. Relationships, unless acted upon, will end. All things eventually entropy. As I have left religion, this has formed a different significance to me.

When we look at the universe, we understand that some day, our own universe will result in chaos, entropy and come to an end. What I see now, however, is the larger picture. I was looking too small. I now see that as one planet, one sun, one universe ends, others are formed. There is a balance between chaos and order, but it is taken as a whole, not as an individual unit. Yes, one sun ends, but within the universe, other suns are created. If we only see our little part, we only see entropy and lose the significance that there is balance between chaos and order. These laws are followed in all aspects.

I have been taught in history about the dissolution of societies or governments, but what is often lost in these history lessons, is that other societies are formed. The Roman empire ended, yes; but other societies were formed. If we only focus on the end of the Roman empire, we miss the larger picture that order is in place, and other communities and societies were formed.

As I think on this and death of the individual body, I realize the same rules apply. Our body does entropy, or die, but other life is created, life goes on. It isn't my life form, but other life forms. This is the order of the universe.

The same rules apply to each unit in society, including the family unit. One family unit may entropy, but overall, there is order. The nuclear family may be changing as a dynamic due to divorce, the acceptance of gay parenting and single parenting, but change will not bring entropy to the family unit. The larger picture will show order. The same laws also apply to so many other things in society.

The Mormon church and other religions perceive equal marriage rights as entropy on marriage as a whole, yet nature isn't fooled. Order is still in place, the change will not instill entropy over the entire order of marriage, because that is not the order of the universe. The face of marriage has changed multiple times but entropy has not resulted.  The order of the social justice allows for equal rights for all. This law is blind to race, sexual orientation, gender, etc.The order of social justice will be served.

Homosexuality exists in the entire animal kingdom, yet the animal kingdom has not entropied, there is order in place, thus making this a natural state or condition.  Attempting to manipulate or ignore nature's laws only ends in catastrophe.

The engineers who designed the "O" rings on the Challenger shuttle learned that the laws of nature cannot be ignored, as they ignored the affects that freezing temperatures would have and nature caught up with them and ended in disaster.

I hope to live to see the day when social order is established and all are benefited.

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