Sunday, October 13, 2013

Flawed god

I have listened to a few conversations the last few weeks on the nature of god and the atonement. As I have contemplated this, there is something profound that has occurred to me. If there is a god (and I highly doubt there is) he cannot be as the Christian/Mormon god.

This is why....the christian/mormons teach that god is omnipotent, omniscient. They teach that we are made in his image.They teach that god is perfect, they also teach that we are imperfect and that no unclean thing can enter his presence and therefore Jesus must atone for our sins. Let's consider these concepts.

If we are made in god's image, then how is god perfect, clean, and we are imperfect and unclean? We cannot be in his image if he is perfect and we are imperfect.

If god is all powerful, then why does he need to provide a savior to save us? Why is he not powerful enough to save us himself? Why must someone else save us? If god is all powerful, then why can he not be in our presence? He is not all powerful if he is limited by our weaknesses. If god is all powerful, then he can be in our presence, no matter how unclean we are if he so chose to. If god is limited by not being able to be in our presence, then he is not all powerful. This is a flaw in god. If god is flawed, he is not all powerful nor perfect. God is flawed by his own plan.

If god is omniscient, then he has all knowledge. If he has all knowledge of the beginning of time to the end of time, then he knows what we will do and when we will do it. If god knows this, then why are we here being tested? Do the children in India really need to starve to death? Do women Africa need to be brutally raped before they are murdered in genocidal wars? Do pregnant women really need to die in tsunami's? Is this really a test for us? Is any real knowledge gained for us? Doesn't this make god a sociopath to know what pain and suffering people will go through and to make them suffer it anyway?

No. I cannot believe in a flawed, sociopathic god. You may keep your god.

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