Sunday, January 29, 2012


Some people say they live life with no regrets. I don't understand that.

This weekend I was watching home videos of Mr. Lover from his early 20's.  He had a speed boat and a great group of friends.  They would take his boat and 2 others out to Mojave Lake a few times each summer and camp out and water ski and have a great time.  Of course, there was lots of food, alcohol and music.

What was I doing in my early 20's?  Serving a mission for the mormon church, getting married and having kids. It's too late now to live that life of freedom and frivolity.  I didn't have the opportunity to have a life free of worry and responsibility.  I didn't have a life full of friends and happiness and carefree. Instead I had a life of paying bills and work and concern for the future.

Why? Because the mormon church said.  They said to get married young, even before you have the ability to sow wild oats, before you have college done, before you are financially settled.  Have children right away, even before you are financially ready for them, before you are done with school, before you are settled in a career.

Regrets? Yes, I have a few.

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