Friday, March 18, 2011

What Women Want

I have many men friends. I listen to men. Men complain a LOT about women. I believe some of their complaints are legitimate. One common complaint, I believe, is not.

Men say women are complicated, that they do not understand women.  Here goes men, women are not complicated.  What women want from a relationship is simple. As I have explained this to men, some men have commented that giving this isn't easy.  That may be, but what we want is simple.  Here is the recipe men:

*We do not want to be put on a pedestal, but we do want to be wooed, valued and desired
*We want our independence, we do not want to be controlled
*We want; no, need-- trust
*We want to be treated as an equal, not a doormat, not a princess
*We want you to listen to us, really listen; when we vent, it isn't so you will solve our problems, its so you will just listen to us
*We want to make an emotional connection
*We want you to be into us; call us, pick us up, come over, stay the night, engage with us, kiss us, hold our hand, caress our back or hand or arm; ask us how we are, cook with us, clean the house with us, remember what we tell you, allow us to have a different opinion than yours, remember our favorite color or flower or food, send us a romantic text message, tell us you are thinking about us. It makes us feel wooed, valued, desired and emotionally connected when you do these things.

Some women may take advantage, act like a bitch, treat you like a doormat.  I suggest you run far, far away and find a woman who is simple and treat her like I suggest. You won't be sorry.

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