Sunday, October 3, 2010


This crazy stuff just writes itself.
Sleepovers are of the devil: Yeah, that's right! When I was a kid, we froze each others' bras and toilet papered the neighbors house. Such evil antics must be stopped or we will all go to hell!

Or maybe since homosexuals are actually not born, but made, kids experiment at sleepovers and become gay, so if we limit sleepovers, then there will be no more gays in the world. Yeah, that's it, sleepovers cause people to be gay! No more sleepovers, no more gays! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

I suppose the church is now going to have to cancel all future girls and boys camps and treks and anything that requires overnight stays (all boy scout events included). No more family reunions where the kids sleep in the same room. These have now been deemed evil. Hahahahaha!

Children, don't play on train tracks, you might fall out of the Mormon church! Parents, instead of teaching your children to think for themselves, force them to pray, pay and obey! If they rebel, force them to do your will. That is God's plan. That will make them want to go to church! Don't teach them that train tracks are dangerous, don't lead them away, don't guide them away from danger, but force them to do what you think is right for them, yeah; that's the right thing! They will thank you for taking away their agency one day.

Crazy church for crazy people. Thank you God, for leading me out. Wake up and think for yourself, people. You don't need some organization telling you if your children can have sleepovers, have double earrings, or wear flip flops to church. You can make these types of decisions for yourselves. You have a brain! Why aren't profits solving more important world problems like poverty, world hunger, social inequity?  Parents are capable of deciding for themselves if sleepovers are safe, people who claim to talk to god should be focusing on bigger issues.

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